Civil Engineering BIS Code PDF Category Wise

Central Public Works Department (CPWD) Manuals PDF

National Building Code (NBC) PDF

Indian Road Congress (IRC) Codes PDF

BIS Codes PDF for Civil Work Measurements

BIS Code PDF for Design Load

BIS Codes PDF for Earthquake

BIS Codes PDF for Concrete Work

BIS Codes PDF for Foundation Work

BIS Codes PDF for Cement

BIS Codes PDF for Brick Work

BIS Codes PDF for Masonry Mortar Work

BIS Codes PDF for Fine and Coarse Aggregate

BIS Codes PDF for Soil Engineering Work

BIS Codes PDF for Steel Structure Work

BIS Codes PDF for Transportation Engineering Work

Civil Engineering Hand Book PDF

SP24: Handbook on Indian standard code of Practice for Plain and Reinforced Concrete

SP 18: Handbook on Highway, Bridge Maintenance Inspection

SP 20: Handbook on Masonry Design and Construction

SP 21: Summaries of Indian Standards for Building Materials

SP 22: Handbook on Codes of Earthquake Engineering

SP 23: Handbook on Concrete Mixes

SP 27: Handbook on Method of Measurement of Building Works

SP 25: Handbook on Causes and Prevention of Cracks in Building

SP 32: Handbook on Functional Requirements of Industrial Buildings

SP 33: Handbook on Timber Engineering

SP 34: Handbook on Concrete Reinforcement and Detailing

SP 36 Part-1: Soil Engineering: Laboratory Testing of Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes

SP 36 Part-2: Soil Engineering: Field Testing of Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes

SP 38: Handbook of Typified Designs for Structures with Steel Roof Trusses (with and without Cranes)

SP 40: Handbook on Structures with Steel Portal Frames (without Cranes)

SP 41: Handbook on Functional Requirements on Building (other than Industrial Buildings)

SP 43: Handbook on Structures with Reinforced Concrete Portal Frames (without Cranes)

SP 47: Handbook on Structures with Steel Lattice Portal Frames (without Cranes)

SP 62: Handbook on Building Construction Practices (Excluding Electrical Work)

SP 64: Handbook on Indian Standard Code of Practice for Design Loads (other than Earthquake) for Buildings and Structures

SP 70: Handbook on Construction Safety Practices